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Sora Electric Super Bike is innovative zero emission electric motorcycle concept made by Canadian Lito Green Motion company, with a range of 100 - 200 km.

Sora Electric Super Bike

Zero emission electric superbike. Sora Electric Super Bike is  an electric motorcycle concept by Quebec-based company Lito Green Motion. Its design is a combination of bobber and café racer/street bikes...

cool-3d-concepts-Daniel-Simon-Cosmic-Motors Camarudo

Machines of Cosmic Motors

Machines of Cosmic Motors by Daniel Simon Cosmic Motors™ is a fantasy manufacturer of vehicles of all kinds, located in the center of the Galaxion galaxy. CoMo, as it is...

cool-3d-concepts-Honda-Chopper, pete-norris

Honda Chopper motorcycle

Futuristic Honda motorcycle Awesome futuristic motorcycle 3d concept by artist Pete Norris. Inspiration for this came from a number of sources, the clean functional lines of medical machinery, 70’s and...