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Bandit9 Motorcycle Concept L•Concept is minimalistic perfection from the Chinese custom bike manufacturer. gorgeous, sleek, sculpture of a bike.

Bandit9 Motorcycle Concept

Awesome Bandit9 Concept motorbike Bandit9 Motorcycle Design have made quite the name for themselves building some of the best custom bikes on the scene, and their latest offering is no...

Honda Motor Compo - foldable electric scooter, total length and height under 1 meter with removable battery, from 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

Honda Motor Compo

Foldable Electric Scooter. On exhibition at Tokyo Motor Show 2011 Honda represent Motor Compo, a foldable electric scooter. Back in the 80s, Honda created a unique folding electric motorcycle called...

cool-3d-concepts-Honda-Chopper, pete-norris

Honda Chopper motorcycle

Futuristic Honda motorcycle Awesome futuristic motorcycle 3d concept by artist Pete Norris. Inspiration for this came from a number of sources, the clean functional lines of medical machinery, 70’s and...