Like 3d concepts?

You have come to the right place.

On this blog we showcase the most interesting and unique 3d concepts from talented artists from all over the World.
 Featured designers are creating very cool 3D concepts, photorealistic renderings and design explorations and are pushing traditional boundaries and seeking out a fresh and unique design approach.

What makes Cool 3d Concepts blog different?

We frequently update our blog with new 3d concepts.

We know about 3d concepts, design, modeling, rendering because that is what we do for a living.
Between 3 of us we use Maxon Cinema 4d, Luxology Modo, Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, ZBrush, Unity 3d, After Effects, on daily bases professionaly. That really helps us better understand and appreciate projects we present.

Our aim is to help designers gain wider exposure through showcasing their work on our web site.

We welcome designers to submit their designs/projects.

Important submissions guidelines:
1. Contact us – introduce yourself.
2. We’ll get back to you how to upload your project.
3. Make sure you have ready:

a) description of your project – minimum 300 words,
b) about you, name, web site, portfolio etc…
c) minimum 3 high resolution images.

All submissions received will be reviewed. Note that not all submissions will be published on cool 3d concepts blog.