Amazingly Realistic CGI People

No these are not a photos!

Its hard to imagine these are not a photographs, you could be easily fooled these people are real.

Here at we don’t cover a lot of CGI characters, but these are amazingly realistic.

Work that some of the artists produce is absolutely stunning.
Flawless modelling, texturing and rendering.
Incredible, outstanding work and the level of detail is staggering!

Show them to your friends, they will swear it’s a photo.

Soon, no need overpriced actors.

Take look at this awesome CGI characters.

Bernadette stephen Molyneaux

Bernadette 1

Bernadette stephen Molyneaux

Bernadette 2


Stephen Molyneaux
I’ve been working on this image on and off for quite some time. I’m really happy to finally get it finished and posted. Thank you to Bernadette Vong for the supplied reference images to help me produce the image.


Varvara Denis Tolkishevsky



Denis Tolkishevsky

This is portrait of his little daughter.


Dani Garcia fashion model

Fashion model

Fashion Model

Dani Garcia

With this Fashion Model image I tried to do a shot that could fit in a fashion advertising. I used max for the low poly modeling and rendering, Zbrush for high-poly modeling, photoshop to create the textures and Hair-Farm to do the hair.


Summertime Nikita Volobuev



Nikita Volobuev


Young Chimpanzee Hyehin Moon

Young Chimpanzee

Young Chimpanzee

Hyehin Moon
Hi. This is my last character work. One day, I saw pictures of young chimpanzees that looked so lovely and like a person, so I decided to dress him properly. Hope you like it.

Then Flying The Youth Shang-peng Leng

Then Flying The Youth

Then Flying The Youth

Shang-peng Leng

This is one of my latest personal works. The intension is to capture the touching expression of the young girl in soft breeze. I hope to share the beautiful moment with everyone.


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